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By Dr. Dale H Conaway

Volume 8 – Created For Intimacy Designed For Monogamy [Digital Copy Only]

Volume 8 of the Biblical Sexuality Series is a premarital/post marital counseling guide which highlights the original purpose of marriage. This Volume will help couples understand the physical and spiritual dimensions of marriage and human sexuality. Our goal is for couples to experience renewed intimacy and a more fulfilling marriage.

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Traditional marriage is under attack by political forces seeking to redefine it. Individual marriages  are under attack by spiritual forces seeking to weaken them by destroying the foundation upon which they were established. Marriage redefined distorts our view of who God is and how He wants to relate to us. Marriages weakened often lack the intimacy needed to thrive. This Volume examines the Law of Cleaving (LOC) and the Law of Yielding and Bondage (LOY&B) and explores:

  • How the Law of Cleaving enhances intimacy bonds between married couples
  • How the Law of Yielding & Bondage weakens intimacy bonds between married couples
  • How multiple sex partners (premarital sex) may hinder intimacy with your future spouse
  • How Ungodly Soul Ties within your marriage can be broken and marital intimacy restored
  • The four key elements of intimacy

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About The Author


Dale H. Conaway is President and founder of Sword of the Spirit Ministries, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization established in 1985. He is also CEO of Purity Press Publishers. Dr. Conaway has written and published 9 Books in the “Biblical Sexuality Series.” As an ordained minister, Conaway has devoted more than 25 years of personal research in developing the Biblical Sexuality Series. Dr. Conaway has traveled throughout the continental U.S. teaching seminars on Biblical Sexuality in a variety of settings.