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Dale H. Conaway is President and founder of Sword of the Spirit Ministries, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization established in 1985. He is also CEO of Purity Press Publishers.

Dr. Conaway has written and published 9 Books in the “Biblical Sexuality Series.”
As an ordained minister, Conaway has devoted more than 25 years of personal research in developing the Biblical Sexuality Series. Dr. Conaway has traveled throughout the continental U.S. teaching seminars on Biblical Sexuality in a variety of settings.

The author's academic and educational experiences include

Doctoral Degree Master's Degree in Science Cancer Research Scientific publications

Some of the his stated goals and objectives

Propagate the Biblical “laws” that govern human sexual behavior in such a manner that will impact the sexual culture of this present generation and future generations.


Promote the sexual healing and restoration of this generation.


Provide instructional resource tools that are academically sound and Biblically oriented which will aid parents, educators, and church leaders in addressing the current sexuality crisis.

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Who We Are

What We Believe
  1. We believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God.
  2. We believe the Bible reveals God’s original purpose and design for human sexuality.
  3. We believe the Bible reveals the spiritual laws that govern and guide human sexual behavior.
  4. We believe sexual intercourse is an act that impacts every aspect of human nature; spirit, soul, and body.
Core Values
  1. We value marriage as a sacred institution, divinely ordained between one man and one woman.
  2. We value covenant marriage as the most important earthly institution.
  3. We value marriage as the foundation upon which strong societies are established.
  4. We value sexual purity as an essential component of a victorious Christian life.

The Biblical Sexuality Series is an educational, instructional, and spiritual resource designed to;

  1. Emphasize the spiritual nature of the sex act
  2. Expose the spiritual consequences of sexual immorality
  3. Educate people to overcome sexual issues of a spiritual nature
  4. Explain the spiritual laws and principles governing human sexuality which include: The Law of Circumcision, The Law of Cleaving, The Law of Yielding & Bondage, The Law of Union, Soul Ties and The Hymen Principle

What We Are Here For

The Vision

To be a prophetic voice of sexual purity, fidelity and healing to the nations. To impact the sexual culture of this generation and succeeding generations with a message of hope, healing, and deliverance from the wounds and snares inflicted by the most recent Sexual Revolution.

The Mission

To proclaim (set forth) the Biblical standard governing human sexual relations in a manner that will bring about the cultural preservation of this generation and generations to come.

“Empowering a Generation Through Sexual Purity”

We are committed to re-establishing a foundation for moral sexual behavior. We publish resources that focus     on the wholesome, sexual development of youth, young adults, singles, and married couples. Our publications and seminars promote sexual abstinence until marriage by providing practical, Biblically inspired instruction that helps youth avoid the pitfalls of the current sexuality crisis.

The Biblical Sexuality Series is a Bible based resource that will:

  • Encourage sexual abstinence until marriage
  • Counteract the negative messages propagated by the secular media
  • Equip your student to resist sexual temptation
  • Provide your student with valuable insight about the negative spiritual consequences of sexual sin


Purity Press Publishers was incorporated in January 2000 and is the exclusive publisher of the Biblical Sexuality Series.Biblical Sexuality is the study of those spiritual laws which have been divinely established to govern and guide human sexual behavior. The Biblical Sexuality series was birthed more than twenty five years ago when the author was meditating upon a verse in I Thessalonians Chapter.

“And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit soul andbody be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

1 Thess 5:23

This verse gave birth to the idea that “sex is three dimensional.” This simply means that when you engage your body in the sex act, your spirit and soul are also engaged in that sex act. As a result of this revelation, the author began to understand that sex was much more than a physical act. Sex is also a “spiritual act that is governed by spiritual laws.” When these spiritual laws are violated, spiritual penalties result. These spiritual penalties may have long term consequences and are often difficult to overcome. Currently, there are eight volumes in the Biblical Sexuality Series.